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While golf primarily influenced the original identity of the modern country club, today health, fitness and wellness are overarching characteristics of the current and future country club. Numerous studies and research continue to validate that fitness facilities will not only play a vital role in the health of club members, but the health of clubs themselves.

No need to look further than our own local market to see how competitive properties have upgraded, renovated, or expanded fitness facilities to secure membership. According to our own Membership Sales Department, 85%-90% of current Troon Country Club membership prospects factor in fitness offerings when making their membership decision.

In response to this overwhelming trend, we are introducing a new 6000+ sq. ft. second floor fitness area featuring panoramic views of the golf course and surrounding mountains. This new space allows us to increase our cardio equipment offering, increase functional training space, and up the number of personal trainers and the amount of programs and services we provide. The fitness studio will nearly triple in size to 1500 sq. ft., which allows us to provide the quality and diversity expected by current Members and prospects 

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